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Links to Our Service Livestream for May 24th

5/24/2020 9AM - https://youtu.be/ElP6lW4D2sg

5/24/2020 11AM - https://youtu.be/vDoCHQ72jhc

To reduce connection problems, connect at least 10-15 mins. before service time.

It is also suggested you copy the above links to your computer and  then use that saved link to connect to You Tube directly.

Our website hosting company is experiencing very high traffic at this time.  The above steps will reduce connection issues.

Temporary Change in Services

Governor Abbott has modified what we can do, and we are changing the format of our services to take advantage of the relaxed guidelines. 

We are now allowed to have up to 50 people in the auditorium, rather than just 10. With that increased capacity, we are going to begin having Sunday services for more people in person. However we are going to continue to livestream our services, and we strongly encourage any of our at-risk members to consider staying at home for a few more weeks and participating with our worship through the livestream. We encourage any of our members who are uncomfortable assembling with that many people to continue participating through the livestream, and please also stay home if you are at all concerned that you might be contagious. 

We normally have far more than 50 people at a time at our services, so what we will do is have two services that are nearly identical. We’re asking half of our congregation to attend a 9:00 service, and the other half to attend an 11:00 service. Visitors are welcome at either service.  The two services will have the same sermon and the same introduction to the Lord’s Supper. The song leaders and prayer leaders will be different.

Livestream links will be posted above this message on Saturday.

The Elders

Monday, May 25, 2020

“[Listening and Doing] My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,”(Daily Reading, ESV)